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Meet Caleb


Last week’s posts were pretty heavy since we were talking about Passion Week. But since this is a new blog and many of you don’t know me that well, I thought I’d go a bit lighter this week. I figure there is no better place to start than to introduce you to the person who has forced me to grow up at break-neck speed – my son.
425690_600882285743_8185292_nCaleb James Morrison was born on March 7, 2012. After a very tense 13 hours in the delivery room where we were told he would likely have many developmental problems, the doctors decided it was time for a c-section to get him out. Fortunately, the doctors were very wrong, even laughing about how remarkably healthy he was.

From the start, Caleb has kept my blood pressure up. He is an easy kid but has a habit of scaring us. At 18 weeks in the womb, they were concerned he might have Down’s Syndrome. In delivery, they went so far as to predict he didn’t have ears. In our last night in the hospital, he began choking on amniotic fluid. And at only 8 weeks old, he needed emergency surgery to repair a defective valve in his stomach.

246895_626583365573_1985620562_nThe amazing part about all of these medical scares is that Caleb still remains healthy, active, and full of personality. He is a sweet kid who will often go from chasing our cat around the apartment to giving big hugs and kisses to me and Holly. He is as loving as he is active.

Caleb is also remarkably strong. Just a year old, he has been through more medical ordeals than I have at 26 years old. Shots, surgery, sickness – you name it. The kid is never phased. I’m almost embarrassed at how much stronger he his than I am.

Like most parents, Holly and I are excited to see him grow up. We love every minute with him at home and can’t wait for the day he goes off to elementary school. We want him to be safe, go into a career that he loves, get married, and be an amazing husband and father to his family. But to be honest, those dreams are too small if that’s all we ever desired for him.

You see, Caleb’s name is more than something cute we picked out of a Bible story. It’s a vision for his life. It’s my prayer for him every night after we put him to bed. The Caleb of the Bible was a freakishly courageous and undaunted man. When Moses sent spies into the Promised Land to see how amazing God’s promises were to the Israelites, only two of the twelve came back with a positive report. The overwhelming majority reported that while the land God had promised was great, the enemies living there were even greater. They were scared and went beyond just doubting God’s ability to deliver them. They doubted whether or not God even had the best intentions in mind for his people. They ushered the entire nation into a period of mourning.

1631_10200727602613357_829241830_nOnly two men stood out – Joshua and Caleb. Joshua was Moses’ soon-to-be successor and Caleb stood as the outsider in support of Joshua, Moses, and Aaron. While acknowledging that taking the Promised Land would be very difficult, he reminded them that their God was bigger. He believed that God would provide, even when it seemed there was no path forward. He begged the Israelites to remember that God would fight for them just as he had against the Egyptians. He tried to remind them of how God had provided so many times before. Unfortunately, he was drowned out and the people were overcome with fear. As a result, God sentenced them to wander in the wilderness until the entire generation that had left Egypt died off.

Instead of taking the land as a young man with Moses’ generation, Caleb entered the land under Joshua’s leadership at over 80 years old. Despite his age, he took on the inhabitants, destroyed his enemies, and settled in the land he scouted decades earlier. In his younger years, he proclaimed God’s faithfulness to his elders who had ignored it. In his older years, he showed God’s faithfulness to the generation coming up behind him.

At the end of the day, Caleb’s strength and confidence didn’t come from within. It came from the God who created him, called him out, and sent him before the people. Even when no one was listening and Caleb suffered from his people’s sins, that God-given strength never failed. Caleb’s trust didn’t fade.

Every night after I put Caleb to bed, I pray the same prayer. “Lord, make him the Caleb of his generation, – a man who loves, serves, and honors you.” My dreams for Caleb are so much bigger than him having a safe, happy life.

I want him to risk it all on the promise that God will fight for him, no matter how bleak the circumstances look.

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  • Kim Beasley

    Great post, Matt! Aren’t children such a blessing? I am reminded every day of God’s love for his children.

    • Matt

      They really are! Thanks for the comment!